Braiding ~ Kumihimo, Lucet

I taught how to make a basic 8 strand kumihimo braids for a bracelet or a key chain fob at the Bead of Roses in Newtown CT for 2 years (2011-13).

For general kumo info, see:
For training: handouts zip


This is a "cobra weave" stitch bracelet, patterned after the Parachute Cord Survival bracelets.


For these pieces, I used 4 colors of silk thread. For the bracelet, I braided 2 kumihimo with a string of size 11 beads.

This piece uses a soft blue yarn from Italy (color 4484), and size 5 perle black silk (2 black / 6 blue, Warp Set 7).

In this piece, I combined kumihimo with a tatted motif originally designed by Nancy (see this ETSY site for her tatted jewelry).
For the center, I tatted with Manuala black thread; kumihimo was 1 strand of silver embrodery floss and size 5 pearl cotton, black (4 silver/4 black, Warp Set 7).

Kumihimo made with C-ion waxed beading thread is very ruff, but has a nice selection of colors. The bracelet with the heart clasp has seed beads on 2 of the 8 warps.


June Rattail Projects
Click to enlarge photos:

Gray/Black bracelet
(2 gray and 6 black strands)

Black petite (#0) rattail key fob
(with 4mm swarovski on 1 C-lon
cord carried with along)