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I've worked in carpentry all my life, and even now retired, I still have a passion for wood. Lately, I've gotten into making wooden toys and puzzles. I love to see the kids smile - and I hope that you enjoy them too! For a full size image, click on the photo.
"Pete, The Toymaker"


Peter passed Aug 7, 2016. His toys went to loving homes! His wife, Helen, passed shortly after on Sep 3, 2016. Both were buried in Palermo Italy, in a beautiful cemetery. Took us a year, but they did a video of the burial for us.

Dad rarely mass produced pieces, but occasionally he did. One time when he was going through a vase phase, he made Jean, Kathy, and I each the same one. He used scrap woods so every piece was different and special.

"Helen, The Painter"
These are 2 of my favorite paintings, an oil and watercolor (Peter made the frame for her). The inspiration for her ducks picture came during her trip to England. They visited an online friend's home and was very taken by their domesticated ducks. She wanted to give them a special thank you gift, so she made a watercolor painting for them.
I was lucky enough to get one of her drafts!

Amedeo (Jack) J Santorelli pieces (stands made by Pete for the last 2), 1962 article, obituary/2 articles:


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Peter showing off his toys to his grandson Vincent Jr. (2010)

Pete's Published Idea

Peppino the Mouse!

and now the Cat!


Mom and dad loved craft festivals
and so do I!

I started a small collection of
microcrystalline pottery - pieces
are so beautiful!