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2004 to July 2007

Labor of Love doily using 12 perle cotton. measures 7 inches wide.



April 14, 2007

Hector "Red House Inn" gang!

February 2007

Wow...time is still flying!

I just joined Yahoo's Lace of Beads. Some very interesting postings! I recently tried 2 new threads, both have too much glitter, so I don't think I'll add beads with it. The polyester yard is very smooth to work with and I think will work up well for jewelry since it is somewhat soft. I'll have to get a gold color. I the ribbon floss tats up thick and is rough.

April 2006

I've updated my shuttle and book collections.
For my shuttle collection, view this PDF.
For my tatting book collection, view this PDF.

I guessed the winning hat! Of course, I haven't finished my tatted boa yet or the hairpin lace egg, but will certainly try to soon. A great time was had by all!

March 2006

Here is my entry to Georgia's Spring Easter Egg Challenge!
Here are all the entries for Georgia's contest!
Here is my entry for the Hector event tatted hat challenge!

June 2005

I combined what I learned from Jaquie's bracelet pattern (below) and Nina's pattern (BNL-086 Pink Pearl Bracelet,; to make my bracelet. My center bead choice was too large to use Nina's pattern as is, so I had to adjust. Scan's don't do justice to the piece.

April 2005

Rayon thread from Gale ( - unfortunately I goofed the closing...that's what I get for watching TV at the same time :-( The thread does feel good working, but I've got to keep the tension tighter - as you can see. I think it would make a nice hanky edging. Thanks for bringing it to Hector Gale! :-)


Here is my try for the bracelet that Jaquie (from the UK) taught us! The purple is a size 10, the black is a size 12 pearl cotton. I've got to work on my tension a little more..but it's a nice first try :-)

The notecard that I started in Rita's silky sensations is still under construction...I'm looking forward to finishing it!



Here is what I tatted for my April tatting exchange buddy (Jill): Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart - I used a varigated pearl cotton thread (measures about 2"), the scan didn't do justice to the colors. Jill sent me a beautiful pearl tatted bracelet, a neat tatting bag and 5 compartment container in addition to a few other goodies...thanks Jill!

March 2005

Here are my tin "cover" entries for the tatting day in April. Click here for a PDF with more info.

Feb 2005

I've updated my shuttle collection...thanks for making the shuttle cases Dad!
For my shuttle collection, view this PDF.

For my tatting book collection, view this PDF.

Tatted up the original eTatters logo, from page 27 of the Tatting with Anne Orr book (Insertion #41). The CT Nutmeggers met at my was fun time!

Jan 2005

Cross for a Tatting Exchange using Julie Patterson's Flower Cross Bookmark ( I used color 630, Parlak Oren Bayan Dantel thread (#50).

My exchange partner, Mary, ( used the same pattern...her's is much neater and so bright..perfect for Easter...thanks Mary for the cross and goodies!


Jan 2005

Betsy Evans snowflake shared on the Yahoo tatters (Files > Patterns) area in Dec.

Jan 2005

Emma Crew's Take 5 Snowflake ( using a heavy brown bobbin thread. See etatters Tools of the Trade topic for a posting.


Nov 2004

Here's my version of the "Tatted Starlight Doily". The pattern is on page 7 & 24 of The Tatter's Treasure Chest, by Dover Publications, 1990. I used #50 turkish thread (#770 color), the doily is 8" in diameter.

March 2004

I completed the free pattern #3 from the site. I used a manuala thread, final piece measured 4 x 5.5 inches. Few glitches here and there.

I finally finished Nina's bnl017 necklace pattern ( 2/24/04. One thing I learned here is that I waited too long to complete the last segment. I messed up a little when I had add more thread and beads, because I had forgotten which shuttle was which! Tsk..Tsk..luckily it's near the clasp and won't be seen!