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Here are downloads of the files discussed in class for your personal use:
»  My Powerpoint presentation
»  My Intro to Tatting worksheet
Tatting Instructions from The Spool Company's Learn How to Book
»  List of Beginner tatting site links
»  My book list
»  My shuttle (display) collection; List
»  Mark Myer's site to purchase his One-Shuttle book (ds stitch) (1/2014, out of print, but he may consider e-version)
»  To save out the instruction sheet for my beginner snowflake, click the image:

Popular Online Classes

Geogia's online tatting class on Mondays 3PM and 8:30PM ET
(New York time) at
Her tatting homework page

Beginners, can join Mimi in the Thursday class.


Tatting & Bead Suppliers

Check out Etsy!

» Lacis
» Snowgoose
» Roseground (UK)
» Tat's All
» List of Shuttle Makers
» Shipwreck Beads
» Silver Shuttles
» Hemstitched Pillowcases
» Grizzly Mountain Art Shuttles
» The Lacemaker

» Beadworks

Joan's Tatting
- Kanji created by: Suiho Yajima